Natural handmade soap & bath products - truly holistic skin care.

Natural Holistic Skin Care Ingredients

All of our holistic skin care, soaps, bath and body products are handmade from scratch using only the highest quality natural ingredients, organic, locally sourced and fresh from the garden whenever possible. 


Soap:  Each of our soaps contains a carefully selected combination of oils, butters, essential oils and infusions to suit a particular skin type and character.  Please take a look at the ingredients in our soaps and see which fit your skin and personality type best.  Make soap personal - after all, your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it! 

Here at The BareNaked Soap Company our aim is to make soap that your skin will love you for using - and, believe me, you'll be able to feel the difference


Our basic soap recipe contains graded A olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic palm oil, to which a variety of different ingredients are added to create each individual soap.


apricot kernel oil

light emolient oil; skin softening and moisturising, easily absorbed, creating a conditioning, stable lather in our soaps.

avocado oil

penetrating, nourishing, healing and moisturising - anables the body to regenerate cells and softens body tissue allowing it to slough in order to grow new layers of skin.

castor oil

very moisturising, this oil attracts moisture to itself and holds it, sealing the moisture in and thus retaining moisture in the skin, scalp and hair.

coconut oil

this solid oil makes a nice firm soap with a good lather and loads of suds with wonderful cleansing qualities.

hemp seed oil

remarkable benefits - hempseed oil is high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which feed the skin, moisturising and healing it.

neem oil

antiseptic and healing, in the east it is renowned for its healing properties - also good for dandruff.

olive oil

good for the skin - in my grandmother's days mothers in Europe used to cover their babies with olive oil before putting them in the bath to protect the skin.  It was also renowned for making your hair and eyelashes grow thick.  Used  much like we use baby oil today except that baby oil is a mineral oil so is actually very drying to the skin, whereas olive oil, as a vegetable oil, is moisturising and nourishing to the skin.

palm oil

this solid oil creates a good hard bar with a stable lather.  It is used instead of its traditional equivalent, tallow, as this is an animal derivative so not so nice.  Creates a hard, lasting bar.

sweet almond oil

light emolient oil; skin softening and moisturising, easily absorbed, creating a conditioning, stable lather in our soaps.

thistle oil

packed full of omega 6, thistle oil is a light oil which is easily absorbed into the skin.  Great in salad dressings too!  And being a Scottish company, we love it as it sounds truly Scottish!



cocoa butter

extremely moisturising, easily absorbed by the skin, and often used historically as a skin softener on its own.  Also said to ease stretch marks.

shea butter

this butter has great moisturising properties, feeds the skin and is great for stretch marks.  It comes from fruit of the African butter tree, and is extremely replenishing and nourishing.

mango butter

extracted from the seed kernels of the tropical mango fruit, this butter is non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin.  Said to provide a natural protective effect against UV radiation, it has emollient properties and can speed up healing. Mango butter has been traditionally used in the rainforests and tropics for its skin softening, soothing, moisturising and protective properties and to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells.

Essential Oils

There is only a small amount of any essential oil in our soap, so don't expect to feel the full effect described for an oil - using just a small amount of an oil, in a carefully chosen blend, allows your body to utilise the aromatherapy and herbal properties necessary for your health and wellbeing, without overpowering your body and overloading your senses.


with its sweet, warm aroma, this resinous oil has a great calming and uplifting effect on the mind and is said to help to comfort the sad and lonely.  On a physical level it boosts circulation, helps to ease respiratory disorders, increases the skin's elasticity and soothes irritated skin.


this oil has a deep, woody aroma and is antiseptic and astringent.  It also calms the nerves and helps boost the circulation.


a warm, spicy oil that fights exhaustion and feelings of depression and weakness.  It also has powerful anti-rheumatic properties, fighting colds and flu as well, and is an analgesic (pain killer).


this sharp, strong smelling oil is renowned for its insect repelling qualities, but it also has great benefit in clearing the mind and softening skin, while also combating oily skin and sweaty feet.

clary sage

a soothing oil with a wonderful heavy, heady aroma - helps to de-stress the mind and is said to be an antidepressant, while on a more physical level it is antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, deodorant and an aphrodisiac.  A great relaxant for tired and aching muscles and tired and aching minds... it is a soporific (inducing sleep).


this oil stimulates the mind and lifts depression while aiding digestion and easing respiratory problems.  Also an analgesic traditionally used for toothache.


this oil has been prized for centuries and at one time was as valuable as gold.  It is a wonderful rejuvenating oil and promotes the formation of new skin cells (hence it's use in many beauty creams these days).  It has a heavy, woody aroma and is often used to aid meditation, allowing the mind to drift away...


this warming essential oil is often used for digestive problems, as well as nausea - be that morning sickness or travel upset.  It is also of value when treating colds and flu and especially for catarrhal lung conditions and rheumatic pain, and can help with bruising on the skin.


renowned for its soothing and relaxing qualities, the aroma of lavender soothes the mind and calms the soul; good for headaches and before sleep.  Lavender is also very healing - in the 1920s, the founder of modern aromatherapy, French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, discovered the healing power of lavender by accident when he burned himself whilst carrying out an experiment and plunged his hand into the first available fluid, which happened to be a vat of lavender oil; he was amazed at how quickly his hand healed.


a sweet, lemony, fresh smelling oil that revitalises a tired body and mind, as well as keeping cellulite at bay.


a strong, invigorating citrus oil which can help lift depression and lighten your mood when feeling blue or out of sorts. Physically, it is used to fight cellulite and to tone the skin in general.

may chang

this sweet citrus, fruity fragrance brings with it stimulating, tonic and antidepressant properties. 


a traditional Eastern with lavender, this essential oil not only has great therapeutic properties, but also has the most incredible smell.  It has a greatly relaxing effect on the body and mind and has a wonderful rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin, helping to prevent scarring and stretch marks.


this highly aromatic oil is warming, stimulating and rejuvinating.  It is also good for calming the nerves.


this oil has a deep, earthy scent whichi is calming and grounding and seems to banish lethargy and sharpen the wits.  Its most outstanding feature is its binding action due to strong astringent properties which could be helpful for loose skin especially after dieting, and it also helps to regenerate tissue, cools inflamation and heals rough, cracked skin. 


a refreshing and stimulating oil that is also an expectorant so helps clear out your lungs when they are a little bunged up.  Also helps to releive muscle and joint pain and headaches.


one of the three oils obtained from the orange tree (the others are neroli from the flowers and sweet orange from the rind of the fruit, while petitgrain is extracted from the leaves of the tree), this crisp and clear essential oil boosts the conscious, intellectual side of your mind, while calming stress and anxiety.  It also helps to clear greasy skin and fight blemishes. 


a slightly spice, woody, rich oil which is known to have healing properties for dry and chapped skin - the scent is calming and uplifting.

sweet orange

this zingy, revitalising essential oil  brings cheer and happiness to the mind. To the body it brings happiness also, in the form of helping dry, irritated and problem-prone skin to cope with the trials of every-day life. 

tea tree

a powerful natural antiseptic which is one of the only essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin.  Also antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.


this oil helps has a strong, pungent aroma which aids concentration and focus, as well as being an excellent bronchial and lung stimulant, making it valuable in bronchitis, coughs, colds, asthma and the like, while the warming qualities are great for rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis and gout.


this oil is reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities as far back as the ancient times of the Aztecs.  A warm, soothing, homely aroma which calms the emotions and eases tension.  Apparently smelling chocolate, sweets or cookies lessens the desire to eat them so vanilla may also help us diet...

ylang ylang

this extremely fragrant essential oil has a calming effect on the mind and body and has aphrodisiac qualities, so is often used in 'sensuous' massage oils. It also has a wonderfully balancing and stimulating effect on the skin.

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black tea

renowned for its antibacterial and astringent qualities. Used black tea bags are a traditional cure for puffy eyes. It is an antioxidant.


due to its natural healing properties, calendula was traditionally used as a healing ointment on cuts, scalds, grazes and other surface wounds.


reputed for its healing qualities, chamomile is antibacterial and analgesic.  It calms skin conditions and irritation, helps with headaches and general aches and pains, eases restlessness and promotes sleep.

green tea

renowned in the orient for its antibacterial and antioxidising properties, tests have shown that when applied to the skin may inhibit skin cancers caused by harmful UVB radiation - many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies are supplementing their skin care products with green tea extracts.


alkanet root

this gives some of our soaps their lavender-blue colour.  Infused in olive oil, it is a rich crimson, but when mixed in the soap mixture it reacts like litmus paper and turns blue.  It was also much used for skin-care in the middle ages.

calendula petals

due to its natural healing properties, calendula was traditionally used as a healing ointment on cuts, scalds, grazes and other surface wounds.  The petals add extra freshness and vigour.


as Cleopatra bathed in Ass' milk, so we can bathe is goatsmilk and reap the benefits of its replenishing and moisturising properties!

grapefruit seed extract

a strong anti-oxidant, we use this as a preservative in our products. In itself, this oil has wonderful beneficial properties. Grapefruit seed extract naturally detoxifies, enhances and supports the immune system due to its high levels of vitamin C and E and bioflavonoids.


locally produced from free range bees, honey is replenishing and full of natural antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.


renowned in face masks for its skin purifying properties, we use it to help the razor glide smoothly over the skin.

lavender buds

healing and exfoliating.


we use paints which are made with non-toxic natural pigments in a vegetable base to add a bit of colour and life to our baby bars.


known to have moisturising and tightening properties for the skin, as well as the antioxidant and replenishing properties from its protein-rich constitution.

St John's wort tincture

renowned for its antidepressant qualities, St John's wort is also known to have antibacterial and antifungal qualities when applied to the skin.


fresh from the garden for extra vigour.  Thyme has a strong, pungent aroma which aids concentration and focus, as well as being an excellent bronchial and lung stimulant, making it valuable in bronchitis, coughs, colds, asthma and the like, while the warming qualities are great for rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis and gout.


In Ayurvedic medicine, a preventive medical system practiced in ancient Indian, turmeric (or haldi) is called the ‘spice of life’. It has many beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial. The beneficial properties of turmeric are now being recognized by the western researchers.

dead sea salt

These salts are packed full of minerals, and when used in the bath they have a variety of beneficial effects on the body and skin.  Dead sea salt draws out impurities in the skin, help to soothes irritated skin and ease skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, encourages skin to heal, smooth and softens the skin as well as easing aching muscles and conditions such as rheumatism.

epsom salts

epsom salts draw toxins from the skin and can help to reduce inflamation.

ground pumice

pumice is a natural soft stone which makes a fine powder which is great for exfoliation when added to soaps as it give a very gentle abrasive action. 

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