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 Bath Pets - great for kids of all ages!

These fun bath-time friends are a great way to try out our handmade soaps - they come in a variety of types, so it is a lucky dip to see what you get!

Bath Pet, 40g molded animal shapes, £3.00

 Haldi Honey soap

This unscented natural soap is packed full of the goodness of orgaic olive oil, local free-range honey and swirls of haldi (turmeric) which is renowned in the East for its skin calming properties. 

Haldi Honey, 100g molded bar, £5.00

Guest size, 40g stamped bar, £2.50



 Sweet Baby Bar

Just very, very gentle natural soap - nothing extra has been added... light apricot kernel oil, healing calendula infusion and moisture rich organic cocoa butter can do their work without the risk of any kind of irritation to young or sensitive skin.

Sweet Baby Bar, 40g molded animal shapes, £3.00

Shampoo Bar

This solid shampoo bar leaves hair healthy, happy and fully satisfied.... a blend of peppermint, lime and lemongrass essential oils invigorate the scalp while gentle chamomile cares for your hair and neem oil's penetrating qualities allow the each strand to be nourished.

Shampoo Bar, 110g plain long bar, £5.00

Nae Mair Hair Shaving Soap

A refreshing natural shaving soap originally commissioned by a local farmer...gentle on the skin with a pinch of fine kaolin to help your razor glide.  A combination of invigorating lemongrass, antiseptic, healing neem and soothing chamomile give a clean, close, caring shave - wherever you choose to use it!  Mens skin care has never been so gentle.

Nae Mair Hair Shaving Kit, 95g solid shaving soap in a enamelled tin mug with brush, £10.00

Refill, 95g round tablet, £3.50

       Loofah Soap

Brand new from The BareNaked Soap Company comes the Loofah Soap!

This is a slice of natural loofah filled with a mixture of our own handmade soaps re-milled with added shea butter and eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Soak the Loofah Soap for five minutes in the bath the first time you use it - this softens the loofah as it can be a bit rough on the skin otherwise - and then scrub away in small circular motions which naturally exfoliate while the zingy scent of eucalyptus and mint fills the air and rich shea butter conditions the skin. Great for the circulation and especially good for areas prone to cellulite. A perfect bath-time treat to rejuvinate mind and body!

Loofah Soap, soap-filled exfoliating natural loofah slice, £5

Thistle-do Gardeners' soap 

This plant-pot shaped bar is made with lashings of thistle oil which is ultra-nourishing for the skin and includes finely powdered pumice to help clean up really earthy hands. i will also clean engine oil, soot and pine resin when used with warm water. 

Scented with fresh garden herbs and their essential oils, this big bar is the perfect gardener's companion.
Thistle-do Gardener's Soap, 110g molded pumice soap, £5.00 (sorry - pot shape discontinued)

Red Dog Flea Soap


Don't forget the dog! This bar of dog soap is gentle, cleansing and kind to your dog's skin and fur. Powerful citronella works to repel fleas and other bugs along with antiseptic tea tree, pungent thyme and extra virgin olive oil to condition the coat whilst keeping those fleas at bay! This is a little bar as we thought that, like us, you wouldn't appreciate a big bar sitting around for ages getting gooey and covered in fluff...

Red Dog Flea Soap, 40g stamped bar, £3.00

All our soaps and bath products are suitable for sensitive skin as we make them from scratch with only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

How can we be so sure?  Well, from years of personal use, as well as many satisfied customers coming back to tell us how positively their sensitive or problem skin has responded to our products!

Take a look at our Newsletter to read some customer testimonials - we can email it to you, or post it out to you.  Just visit our Contact page to leave your details.

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